Vučić: We will fight for the European future, respecting ourselves VIDEO

He published a video summarizing details from yesterday's visit to Brussels.
"I believe in the EU, the future of Serbia and the region. Together, we will fight with our friends from the region for a European future, respecting ourselves and believing that together we can do a lot," Serbian President said in a video message. Just to recall, Aleksandar Vui was in Brussels yesterday, where he participated in the EU-Western Balkans Summit.
He made an address, together with Prime Ministers Edi Rama and Dimitar Kovacevski, from Brussels, where the EU-Western Balkans Summit was held.
"Serbia today gave great support to the opening of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania. Again, nothing happened. This is necessary because both countries did everything. I want to express gratitude to everyone who supported our country. More than 20 leaders listened to us for several hours and I am also grateful to Macron for the initiative for a new political community. That is the only way for us to be heard, for our European colleagues to hear us. I am also grateful to Rama and Kovacevski because they were fair to Serbia, they showed respect", Aleksandar Vucic concluded.

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