Bulgaria Expels 70 Russian Diplomats

Bulgaria recalls 70 Russian diplomats. The news was announced by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who clarified that this happened thanks to the security services.

"All of them were diplomats, but carried out unusual activities", the prime minister said. "That's 70 people, they were in different official positions. All are diplomats at the Russian embassy", ​​Petkov said.

"Our services have identified them as people largely associated with Russian security services and have worked against the interests of our country. I would like to congratulate the Bulgarian services and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for having done their job. I want to tell all foreign countries, not only the Russian one - that everyone who works against the interests of Bulgaria - our country has services that work for its interests and foreign agents will be expelled to go back to their country", stressed Petkov. "It is very important for the Bulgarian interest that the Bulgarian services work for Bulgaria. This is by no means aggression against the Russian people - just when foreign governments try to interfere in the internal affairs of Bulgaria, we have clear institutions that will counteract. Many of these people worked directly for foreign services and their diplomatic role was just a cover. On Sunday, we expect a full plane with 70 seats to go back to Moscow", Petkov added. "When foreign governments try to interfere in the internal affairs of Bulgaria, we will clearly oppose them", he added.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Irena Dimitrova had summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to a meeting today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russian...

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