Delo says era of Pahor ending

Ljubljana – Delo notes in Monday’s commentary that President Borut Pahor’s speech at the Statehood Day ceremony was his last major speech in his long political career, signalling the end of an era.

The speech was “a routine affair with regurgitated, seemingly apolitical buzzwords about the need for the political community to cooperate to face the coming challenges,” Delo says in After Janšism, the Era of Pahorism Is Ending as well.

“At the end of his carer, all that is left of Pahor is pure (Instagram) form, content having taken the back seat throughout his career. But this does not mean he was an apolitical president, far from it,” Delo says, noting that he was a darling of many rightist voters, who never had a truly right-wing president.

The general election was a referendum against Janšism, a policy that Pahor had tried tirelessly to legitimate by justifying a style of government that undermined the basic tenets of the rule of law and political culture.

“In this year’s general election Pahor thus lost as well. If he was able to vie for a third term, he would most probably have lost given the current political climate in the country,” the paper says.

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