Vučić presents Vidovdan decorations: "I choose the path of wisdom over great courage"

Upon president's arrival, the anthem of the Republic of Serbia was heard.
"For centuries now, we have been answering the same question on every June 28. Do we celebrate victory or defeat? From generation to generation, from politics to politics, the answers change. Interestingly, the Serbian people always had the opportunity to see everything on Vidovdan (St Vitus Day). Vidovdan is the most precise way to measure time. As Bishop Nikolaj said: 'It is our national Golgotha, but at the same time our national resurrection, spiritual and moral. It gave us a gallery of knights of the faith worth more than galleries of marble statues'."
The President also reminded of the sacrifice of our ancestors in Kosovo and Metohija.
"Our ancestors defended civilization and culture, ancient, we would say European today, and certainly Serbian values," he said, adding that it is "the star whose light we follow, the ideal and moral line".


"Prince Nikola Petrovi visits King Milan Obrenovi on St Vitus Day, and that is the most beautiful welcome that anyone has ever experienced. Nikola Tesla always gave a special place to Kosovo and Vidovdan. Also on Vidovdan, the young patriot Princip, like Obili before him, committed tyrannical murder", added Vui.
President once again emphasized how important today's holiday is and the medals that are awarded for success.
"Vidovdan must be a symbol that makes us create new symbols, a life from which we create new life. What we should look for in Vidovdan is our future. That is another reason why we are awarding you these recognitions today," President added.

"There is no greater responsibility" Foto: B92

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