Kiril Petkov: I made a Communication Error, the Dialogue will Continue

"It became clear that the work on the issue of expelled Russian diplomats has not been conducted recently, but started in March - there are reports, then 3 reports from SANS, then the Security Council with all services", said the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov today in the corridors of the National Assembly after negotiations with the BSP parliamentary group.

"The whole institutional machine has been working on this issue for a long time. But I made a communication error", admitted Kiril Petkov, according to whom the news of the expulsion should have been reported by the responsible institutions, not by him.

"The dialogue continues. Important topics remain in the background. What is important is what happens to prices, the recovery plan, anti-corruption laws… The point is to avoid a crisis point that is not so important… 43 employees remain at the Russian embassy, few countries in Europe have that many," Petkov said.

"I think the dialogue with the Bulgarian Socialist Party will continue," the resigned prime minister said.

He added that he does not make decisions alone and today there will be a meeting of the Executive Board of "We Continue the Change":

"I think that the dialogue continues, because the basic value of the state and the main risks before us are much greater than which institutions, how long and what participation they took in this one decision, which, among other things, on the basis of all reports they mentioned yesterday, no, I don't think the government will take another decision with such information."

Deputy Prime Minister and BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said today that at the moment the Socialists remain in the position that they do not...

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