Bulgaria: President Radev handed Asen Vassilev a Mandate to form a Government

At 5:00 p.m., the procedure for handing over the first mandate to form a new government within the framework of the 47th National Assembly by President Rumen Radev to the largest political group in the parliament - "We Continue the Change" - began.

"Dear representatives of 'We Continue the Change', please announce your candidate for Prime Minister", said President Rumen Radev.

The chairman of the parliamentary group of "We Continue the Change" Andrey Gyurov said:

"Dear Mr. President, dear Mrs. Vice-President, the parliamentary group 'We Continue the Change' by its decision nominates Mr. Asen Vassilev as a candidate for prime minister, who will receive a mandate to form a government."

President Radev indicated that in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and as a result of the vote of no confidence by the National Assembly on June 22, he handed Asen Vassilev an exploratory mandate to form a government.

"We all know that Bulgaria is in a political, economic and social crisis. Bulgarians share legitimate concerns about the rising prices and the growing uncertainty and instability. And the reforms and funds under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan are waiting for their implementation. Since yesterday, we also have a foreign policy crisis. You will recall that when handing over the mandate to the current outgoing government, I warned that if decisive reforms in the judicial system were not undertaken within the first hundred days, the status quo would seek its revenge. Citizens, society and institutions need certainty and predictability, from a reliable protection of the public interest, and this means, above all, responsibility and efforts to form a government that meets the interests...

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