GERB Supports the “Amateur” Expulsion of Russian Diplomats

"The resigned government has the support of GERB for the expulsion of the Russian diplomats and officials. There must be no retreat. It was amateurish, but it's been done."

This was stated by ex-prime minister and leader of GERB Boyko Borissov. "We support Ukraine, things are black and white as long as there is war. We support the actions of the Bulgarian government because it was elected by the people. The people chose change, this is it", Borisov said.

"I urge them not to back down, that's all they have, but they have our support. What doesn't kill us is fixable, we will fix it", added Borisov.

About Kiril Petkov, Borisov said: "He, with his typical 'fukara', as my grandmother used to say, went to the parliament to make himself important, and then he whines - No, no, it's not me, it's Genchovska (resigned Minister of Foreign Affairs)".

"Unlike other parties, I accept the choice of their voters. In Bulgaria you're not a leader anymore - BSP doesn't want the leader of 'We Continue the Change', and 'We Continue the Change' doesn't want the leader of the GERB... What business is it for me to determine who should be the leader of WCC, it's not up to me", said Borisov.

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