Ex-PM Borissov: Petkov wanted the Chair, in 6 months He was Removed, and by a Majority

"We were able to salvage at least the next few months with the budget update. We managed to save them from making the wrong decisions, they even made the right decisions in an amateur way", GERB leader and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said about "We Continue the Change". "At the moment, there is a monstrous buying of votes, only not 30-40 votes at a time, but 10,000 at a time", said Borissov.

"He (Kiril Petkov) wanted the chair, in 6 months he was removed and by a majority. And this new majority in parliament managed to pass the budget, despite the amateurishness of their behavior. 10 million levs disappear from the pockets of Bulgarians - gasoline and oil. Now they put advertising panels on the expensive oil and gasoline, because when you look at 3.99 BGN, you get fear, shock", Borissov pointed out.

"I won a lot of bets that for a year even a bike lane will not be built. Not a highway, not a bridge, a tunnel, a birdhouse, nothing. Schools, roads, repairs of churches and gardens were left everywhere behind us", Borissov listed.

"They do not realize that the day of retribution comes for everything, that what they did to us, they are now doing to them. Unfortunate and evil, have these people been born a prime minister or a minister", asked rhetorically Borissov. "They want GERB to be in isolation, but we are not and we will never be. The Bulgarian citizen is currently in isolation", added Borissov.

"The electricity can easily return to 100 BGN, the resource is Bulgarian. We have the rare opportunity to have a refinery that uses cheap oil. They are talking about 25 cents - they still can't understand how this will happen, they said...

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