“We Continue the Change” and BSP reached an Agreement on the Government's Priorities

"We have reached an agreement on the government's priorities". This was stated by Asen Vassilev, the proposed candidate for prime minister of "We Continue the Change", after the talks with the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

"We also reached an agreement to draw up in a very short time a program by the expert teams, which will be accepted at the political level and which will lay down with clear deadlines and commitments what will happen between now and the end of the year in terms of reforms and activities. I strongly believe that we will be able to form a government that will continue to work for the interests of Bulgaria, like the first cabinet," he said.

"At the first meeting of the negotiation process, we reported the good that we achieved in 6 months, and it is not little," said Kornelia Ninova for her part. "We realized the weaknesses we showed, and one of them is that we did not prepare a clear program with tasks and deadlines from the beginning. Therefore, today we are correcting this weakness. We agreed that teams of three people from each party should prepare such a program with political priorities, but also a specific legislative framework for 6 months"

Ninova specified that WCC agreed to lay down topics such as health care, education, social policy and economic recovery in this program, as well as BSP accepted their priorities - fight against corruption, the Anti-Corruption Commission, changes in the judicial system.

They identified weaknesses and errors in communication and proposed a new way of decision-making in the coalition council with the establishment of a secretariat.

"We have intensive work ahead of us in the coming days, but we are confident that the...

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