Is it time to change the UN Security Council? They think it is.

According to the Russian ambassador to China, it is necessary to expand the UN Security Council to include African, Asian and Latin American countries in order to make it "more democratic".
The UN Security Council has practically turned into a stage where Western colleagues "carry out propaganda", presenting their views as the final truth, stated Ambassador Andrey Denisov, speaking at the plenary session of the UN Global Peace Forum in Beijing.
He added that these destructive steps further alienate the members of the Security Council, making its work less effective.
"In this context, the need for UN reform is particularly important. My country advocates for the expansion of the UN Security Council based on a broad consensus. For this, it is necessary to increase the share of African, Asian and Latin American countries so that the Security Council can reflect the aspirations of the people of the world and become more democratic," said the ambassador.
At the same time, Denisov emphasized that Russia is not ready to support the inclusion of Germany and Japan in the UN Security Council, because it will not change the internal balance in any way.
"On the other hand, we are open to the possibility of India and Brazil joining the UN Security Council. We consistently advocate that the UN Security Council be as representative as possible in the current circumstances," the diplomat added.
A year ago, in an interview with "Izvestya", the deputy Russian Ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, stated that Moscow opposes the increase in the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council at the expense of the "collective West". He noted that "there are already enough of them" in the Security Council and that it is necessary to focus on...

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