Bulgaria: What is the Political Picture if Elections were Today

In today's elections, the party of Slavi Trifonov "There Is Such a People" remains below the line of entering parliament. This is according to the latest representative study of "Alpha Research". It was conducted in the period June 25 - July 1, 2022, among 1017 adult citizens from all over the country, through a direct standardized interview with tablets. A two-level sample stratified by region and type of settlement was used, with a quota for gender, age, and education.

It is published on the agency's website and is implemented with its own funds.

Electoral support between "We Continue the Change" and GERB is minimal. The reason is the removal of the cabinet and Nikola Minchev from the post of Speaker of the National Assembly. Support for WCC is 20.2% in a possible vote and so the party remains just over 1% behind GERB, who are in first place with 21.5% support. BSP is currently in third position with 11.5% support.

The political crisis that "There Is Such a People" caused marks a further loss of voters and in an election today it would remain below the parliamentary line with 3.3%. "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Vazrazhdane" are in dispute for the fifth place. In today's vote, DB would have 7.1% support, and Kostadinov's party - 7.9%. 49.5% support a new government in the current parliament, and 46.7% are in favor of early elections. When asked what the governing coalition should be, preferences for a coalition around WCC prevail.

There is also wavering in the president's support. The sharp clashes between the ruling majority parties and the resigned government with President Rumen Radev lead to the withdrawal of trust in him among some of his sympathizers who supported him a year ago.

Although he remains the most approved...

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