Thousands to Join Peace March to Commemorate Srebrenica Victims

The annual Srebrenica Peace March is setting off from the village of Nezuk on Friday, following in reverse the 100-kilometre route taken by Bosniaks who fled on foot from Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995.

BIRN's reporter will follow the participants all the way along the route of this year's Peace March, and will post regular updates, photos, videos and other content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the march progresses.

Since 2004, thousands of people have joined the Peace March each year from Nezuk to Potocari near Srebrenica, where the annual commemoration of the genocide is held.

Thousands lost their lives trying to flee in 1995, and some of those who survived now lead the march to honour those who were killed in 1995.

"Every meter of this path is covered with the blood of Bosniaks from Podrinje, so I kindly ask you to behave in accordance with that. During your walk, you will pass next to mass graves, you will hear history classes. Walk with dignity and good luck," Hamdija Fejzic, from the organisational committee of Peace March told BIRN on Friday.

The number of participants is expected to grow each day as the march moves towards Srebrenica.

During the three-day journey, participants will have a chance to meet survivors of the 1995 genocide and see places where people were held captive, where short history classes will be held, and hear stories of those who survived the 1995 'death march'.

Participants are expected to arrive at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre on Sunday, to participate in the mass commemoration the following day.

The remains of 50 genocide victims will also be laid to rest at a collective funeral at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre on Monday, said Bosnia and Herzegovina's Missing...

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