Bulgarian Doctor: A New COVID Wave is Certainly Beginning

"A new COVID wave is certainly beginning". This was stated by the pulmonologist and deputy from "Democratic Bulgaria" Dr. Alexander Simidchiev on Nova TV.

"The rate of increase in new cases on a weekly basis is 50% from last week, and on a two-week basis it is 140% from two weeks ago," he said.

"The rate of increase in new cases is a fact. We rarely get below 500 cases a day anymore. Today they are over 1000. There is definitely the beginning of a new wave. Now is the time to prevent the development of a full-scale wave, because if we let the virus do what it wants and our behavior does not change, we will have another peak", added the pulmonologist.

According to him, if we try to limit our social contacts, wear masks where there are many people and especially in healthy establishments, then the wave will develop more slowly.

"We already have treatment protocols, we are used to what this disease means. There is no big drama, we just have to be more reasonable when we approach this virus", he was categorical.

According to him, the peak of those infected with COVID-19 will be shortly after the beginning of August. He himself does not expect the introduction of drastic measures.

"We now have a much clearer idea of ​​what this virus is and what the options are for its development. If we dose the anti-epidemic measures correctly, there is no need for lockdowns, etc., but we need sufficiently early applied prophylactic measures", commented Alexander Simidchiev.

If the cases continue to increase in the big cities that are in the yellow COVID zone, according to him, it is good that people on public transport should be obliged to wear masks in it. "For the...

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