Pahor advocates a just peace in Ukraine, Golob affirms Slovenia’s support

Ljubljana – Following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to the National Assembly, President Borut Pahor said that a just peace should be achieved in Ukraine. Prime Minister Robert Golob reaffirmed Slovenia’s staunch support for Ukraine as he confirmed that Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon will visit Kyiv this month.

Zelensky addressed the Slovenian parliament in a video call on Friday and thanked European countries, including Slovenia, that are supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s aggression to the best of their abilities.

Pahor, who was together with Golob and other senior officials present in the National Assembly for Zelensky’s speech, later said that it was important that “a just peace” is achieved in Ukraine.

“If the peace achieved is just, it will be lasting too. A very challenging path leads to this, no one is under any illusions about this, but we need to go all the way together,” he told reporters after Zelensky’s video address.

Golob found Zelensky to be very clear in his address. The Ukrainian president highlighted Ukraine’s determination to fight for its freedom and territorial integrity as well as expressed his gratitude for Slovenia’s support.

The Slovenian prime minister stressed that Slovenia’s support had never wavered, nor had Slovenia been hesitant in condemning Russia’s aggression. “Ukraine knows this very well and appreciates it,” Golob told the press.

He confirmed that Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon will visit Kyiv this month. Asked whether he was planning to do the same, he said that was possible.

Talks with Ukrainian officials have been held under both the previous and the new government, and relations between Slovenia and Ukraine are very good on this level, Golob added.

Asked whether Slovenia will supply Ukraine with more weapons, Golob said that there were talks about different types of aid now, including mine clearance.

There are no talks on potential arms supply, but Slovenia has expressed its readiness for cooperation under wider-level agreements, should they arise.

Fajon said she will meet her Ukrainian counterpart and other officials during her upcoming visit to Kyiv to discuss Slovenia’s aid to Ukraine, particularly material and humanitarian.

In his address, Zelensky urged Slovenia to help with Ukraine’s post-war recovery. Fajon noted that talks on this were already underway with special attention being paid to demining, assistance with the transport of the wounded or with rehabilitation.

Zelensky was invited to make an online appearance in the National Assembly by Speaker Urška Klakočar Zupančič, who was authorised to do this after two parliamentary committees endorsed a motion by the opposition Democratic Party (SDS).

SDS MP Anže Logar, the previous foreign minister, was pleased the address had taken place now, noting that it was in everybody’s interest to help Ukraine as much as possible so that it can win the war and become a full-fledged member of the EU.

Matej Tonin, the head of the other opposition party, New Slovenia (NSi), thinks that today’s event was also important from the point of view of Slovenian domestic politics as it showed a relative unity in supporting Ukraine. He stressed the importance of varied aid, including military support.

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