More and more Bulgarians are Buying Properties in Dubai

In recent years, before the eyes of the Bulgarians, Dubai has turned from a tourist destination into a place where some people escape justice or find refuge for investments, the origin of which is not always known. That's the likely reason why nearly two dozen property owners there were investigated last year by the National Revenue Agency, and specifically about the origin of the money with which they were acquired.

At the beginning of May, an international journalistic investigation established that more than 240 Bulgarian citizens and residents of the country own properties worth more than 160 million dollars in Dubai. This is also the place that turns out to be the new home of the Russian millionaires' money.

It turns out that in the last year Dubai, along with Turkey, has become an object of great interest from Bulgarians who want to invest their savings in real estate. A Google search shows that there are quite a few offers.

"Actually, over the years, we have had clients who made inquiries about properties in Dubai, but we did not have a suitable partner on the ground to offer this," Nevena Stoyanova, managing director of Luximmo, told "Dnevnik". Since the beginning of the year, the agency has been offering its services to those wishing to buy a home in the emirate. It indicates that interest in this has increased sharply.

Why is this interest

Stoyanova finds more than one reason for this interest in buying a property in Dubai. It starts with the most romantic one, which is that this is the sea closest to Bulgaria during the winter months, and unlike other destinations that became popular especially during the winter of the pandemic, such as the Maldives and Bali, the time zone does not change here...

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