Pogačar hopes to lead the Tour until end

Paris – Slovenia’s star cyclist Tadej Pogačar, the winner of the past two Tour de France races, seems well on his way to make it three in a row. Talking to the press on Monday, a free day in the excruciating three-week grand tour that started 10 days ago, Pogačar said he liked wearing the yellow jersey and hopes he gets to keep it until the end.

With Pogačar having taken the lead in stage six, his Team Emirates (UAE) is even busier than it had been in the past. He praised the team, saying each member is excellent at what they do. They are hard-working, experienced and highly motivated, he said.

He realises it is still early in the race, but said that one never gives up the yellow jersey, having trained the whole year for this achievement. “It’s something special and I can only speak for myself, but I think it is better to lead than to follow.”

Pogačar said it was easier for him and the team to defend their position and control the race than having to attack. He expressed hope to retain the lead until the end of the race.

He believes the race will continue to be exciting and hopes he and his team remain healthy, avoiding any possible coronavirus infections.

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