Children from the region pay a visit to Vučić and Serbia

"34 children from the region came to visit us. I am very happy that I can receive you today, and when I see you with Nikola Tesla T-shirts, I know how proud you are of Nikola Tesla, who loved and respected his people. Serbia is always a refuge for every person. State borders that exist today must not be a limiting factor," said Vui.

"I wish you to feel at home here in Belgrade. No matter which way you turn, Serbia and Belgrade are always your home. The door will always be open for you. I wish you to enjoy the most beautiful temple, the Temple of Saint Sava, the zoo, the stadiums ", added the president, presenting the gifts to the children.
"I wish you a long and healthy life. Long live Serbia," said the president.
President Vui hosted a reception for more than 30 Serbian children from three countries, who are participating in the third summer camp for Serbian children from the region, welcomed them, and prepared appropriate gifts for them.
"State borders that exist today must not be a limiting factor for the cultural, linguistic and all other scopes of a nation, President Aleksandar Vui said today, addressing Serbian children from Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia.
Vui said that he was happy that Serbian children living in Croatia came to Belgrade, mainly from Eastern Slavonia and Western Srem, from Slovenia, mainly from Maribor, Celje, and other parts, as well as Hungary.
"Here a place to live and work awaits you, with love for all of us, regardless of where and how we live," added Vui. The president emphasized that there is no longer any difference between a place where a Serb comes from, but it is only important that we speak our language and culture.
"Some other nations, like the Germans and Russians, in the most...

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