Kiril Petkov: No Covid Restrictions are Planned, Bulgarians can have one Peaceful Summer

In the Council of Ministers, representatives of the health authorities reported to the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov information about the spread of Covid-19 and the planned measures to control the situation.

"We have decided that this week we will update the plan to deal with the pandemic based on the amendment to the Health Act. I wanted there to be clear predictability for everyone and based on the updated plan we have 6 stages based again on hospital bed occupancy, intensive care unit occupancy beds and general epidemic indicators. Data currently show that most of Bulgaria is in stage 0, with the exception of a few areas in stage 1," Petkov said at a briefing after the meeting, stressing:

"I want to clearly state to all Bulgarian citizens: There are not and are not planned to be any restrictions related to the closure of businesses, there is no requirement for Covid certificates in the country and there is no provision for movement restrictions. I want to reassure everyone that we are monitoring the situation very carefully, but the data show that Bulgarians can have a peaceful summer".

For his part, the chief state health inspector Assoc. Angel Kunchev pointed out that there is no revolutionary change in the plan: "In fact, the main reason for the need for the Ministry of Health to adopt a new plan is the commitment under the amended Health Law that there must be one in order to have opportunity for the Minister of Health and the Council of Ministers to introduce various anti-epidemic measures if necessary. The growth of diseases continues, but it is far from the peak values ​​we had only a few months ago. Today the number of cases is 118 less than yesterday".

Prof. Kunchev did not undertake to...

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