Urban revitalization plan for the of 10 commercial streets in Thessaloniki

Ten commercial streets in all the boroughs of Thessaloniki are getting a veritable makeover through a comprehensive program for their economic and urban revitalization, according to a relevant announcement.

This major development project, which incorporates policies for sustainable urban development and urban resilience, bioclimatic elements and smart applications, is to be financed to the tune of approximately 29.7 million euros from the Recovery Funds, as it is part of the program " Interventions aimed at improving the public space" of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Mayor Konstantinos Zervas, hailed the efforts of his municipal administration in securing the funding and preparing plans within a short period of time. Through the project, he noted, Thessaloniki will reverse the image of abandonment, strengthening the local economy, and contributing to the creation of new jobs. A he stressed: "Thessaloniki is changing day by day. This vision is becoming a reality."

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As explained by the technical adviser of the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Dimitris Mitrou, the Municipality's planning concerns targeted interventions in ten commercial streets, which were selected after cooperation with the local municipal communities - through relevant decisions of their councils - and after a technical check by the competent technical service of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

In particular, the interventions are aimed at the following streets: Egnatia, Olympou, Koloniari, Panagia Faneromeni, Klathmonos, Papafi, 25 Martiou, Markos Botsaris, Venizelou (Triandria), Eleftherias (Triandria).

Urban greenery

Within the framework of planned projects urban greenery will...

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