Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit Sparks Anti-US Storm on Chinese Social Media

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the first by such a senior US official in 25 years sparked anti-US vitriol on Chinese social media.

Chinese social media reacted strongly to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. On the morning of Wednesday, when most Chinese woke up to the news of Pelosi having landed in Taiwan, at least 7 out of the top 10 trending hashtags were related to Pelosi, her visit and Taiwan, reported local media. Most of the Military observer and commentator accounts were trying to present the military exercise announced by China in Taiwan territorial waters as an appropriate response along with the ban on import-export of certain items vis-a-vis Taiwan.

The no 1 trending hashtag was "#Ban on exporting natural sand to Taiwan". Seeing the top post under this hashtag received 1.8 million likes and 66k comments within 4 hours can throw some light on how much the Taiwan issue means to the general public.
It was one of the first economic actions taken against Taiwan following Pelosi's visit. The top comments ask for more sanctions on Taiwan, and even halting all trade with Taiwan, recognizing that such economic sanctions are too soft and Taiwan is getting emboldened with time, local media added.

The no 2 hashtag was "#Russain Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said Taiwan is purely China's internal affairs".
Along with this "#Several countries issued a statement condemning Pelosi's Taiwan visit" was also trending which showed countries such as Palestine, Syria, Iran, Russia, and Nicaragua issuing statements.

These statements were read out in the morning 10 AM show of CCTV 13 (the biggest news Channel in China) as well.
The no 3 hashtag was about Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi who was arrested for driving under...

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