A Premier League Betting Overview for 2022/2023

Premier League is one of the prime football leagues for sports fans and punters. When teams with long-standing traditions face off against each other you can be sure there will be lots of analysis involved. Everybody wants their team to win, especially punters who have little more than pure pride in the game.

With Manchester City securing an astonishing comeback in the match against Aston Villa already looking like yesterday, we need to look forward to the new 2022/23 season of amazing football. Kicking off on August 5th, it is a quick turnaround, but who can have enough football?

Early Odds and Analysis

By looking at the odds and past performance of the Premier League teams, it almost looks certain that Manchester City will have another go at the Premier League title. Guardiola's warriors have not only won the last two titles, but they also have several more title wins under their belt.

If we want to look at Manchester City's most likely rival we have to take a look at Liverpool. The German Jurgen Klopp has been Guardiola's nearest competitor for several years now. In the 2019/20 season, Liverpool gave Manchester City a run for its money.

Several analyses point out Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are the most likely teams of all the rest. In the 2016/17 season, Chelsea managed to win the title. Antonio Conte managed to lead Chelsea to a title victory, however, he is now a manager of the Spurs.

The big six is rounded up by Manchester United and Arsenal. Outside of the most famous six teams, Leicester City in 2016/17 won the Premier League title which marked the first "outsider win" since the 94/95 season when Blackburn Rovers won the title.

It remains unlikely that an "outsider win" will happen again, but football...

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