Day 162 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv Violates Laws of War and Endangers the Lives of Civilians according to Amnesty International

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

The UAF destroyed a command post of the coast guard of the Russian fleet in Chernobayevka

The operational command "South" officially confirmed that the command post of the 22nd Corps of the Coast Guard of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation was destroyed in Chernobayevka. A spokesman for the command announced that the enemy's position was struck by the forces of the missile-artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF).

In the overview of OC "South" for the past 24 hours, it is reported about the continuing attacks against settlements in Ukraine from the territory of the occupied parts of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions along the entire line of fire with the use of helicopters and rocket systems for volley fire "Smerch".

On the line Sukhoi Prud - Belogorka, the Russians tried to conduct a reconnaissance offensive with the support of two tanks, but the attempt failed and the enemy withdrew, suffering losses in manpower.

Once again, the Russian army subjected the city of Mykolaiv to shelling on Wednesday. Two rocket hits from the Uragan MLRS were registered near the city without casualties or damage.

Three X-101 cruise missiles were shot down in the Bashtanka area by the forces of the Anti-Aircraft Missile Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

At the same time, the Ukrainian aviation carried out three strikes on strongholds and one on an accumulation of weapons and equipment in the Berislav and Bashtanka area. During the rocket attack on the enemy positions in the area of ​​Chernobaevka, the liquidation of 20 Russian fighters, two T-72 tanks, an Msta-B howitzer, and 4 more transport and armored vehicles...

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