Democracy Digest: Report Warns of ‘Refugee Fatigue’; Orban’s CPAC Speech

Disinformation and misinformation being spread about Ukrainian refugees includes exaggerating the financial support they can access - a claim widespread in Czechia - and incorrect claims of antisocial or illegal activity. "Whilst the disinformation campaigns have, thus far, been largely unsuccessful as solidarity with refugees from the host community remains strong, if it goes unchecked it will continue to worsen resentment towards refugees which we are seeing is starting to materialise," said the report's lead author, Charles Lawley.

BIRN has previously reported on how attitudes amongst the Polish public, roundly admired around the world for welcoming the more than 3 million Ukrainians that have crossed the border since the invasion began but currently being squeezed by the huge rise in the cost of living, appear to be slowly turning against the refugees. The World Vision report notes increasing competition in the job market between Ukrainian and Polish citizens, which if it continues or worsens, would cause tensions to develop, while "social cohesion could be undermined by the perception of preferential treatment of new arrivals in Poland".

Former US President Donald J. Trump (2ND-L) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (2ND-R) during their meeting at Trump's estate in Bedminster, New Jersey, USA, 02 August 2022. EPA-EFE/Vivien Cher Benko / Hungarian PM's Press Office Orban speech a call to action for Christian nationalists; NATO troops now in Hungary

Following the deluge of criticism that greeted his "mixed race" comments in Bale Tusnad on July 23, Viktor Orban received a warmer reception at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas on Thursday. There had been speculation his invitation to the...

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