Leader of “Democratic Bulgaria”: "Gazprom" is a Geopolitical Weapon

"'Gazprom' is not just a trader or a supplier, it is a geopolitical weapon of Russia, which is in a severe confrontation not only with Ukraine, but also with the EU and NATO, and with the entire international order on which our way of life rests."

This was stated today by the co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov on bTV. His formation and "We Continue the Change" are practically the only two parties in Bulgaria that are adamant that our country should not renew negotiations with "Gazprom" for the supply of gas, after the Russian company unilaterally decided to end supplies on April 27 this year. GERB, in the person of its leader Boyko Borissov, also defends this thesis, but its deputies in the already passed 47th parliament said otherwise.

Today, Hristo Ivanov explained that for him and his party, the geopolitical cost of a new tie-up with Gazprom is the big problem at the moment.

"The first task that Rumen Radev set for the Cabinet was to prevent Bulgaria from being drawn into the war. This phrase conceals the policy of fictitious neutrality towards Russia," continued Ivanov.

We remind you that President Radev has long been "worried" that by helping Ukraine, Bulgaria could enter into a war with Russia. To this day, it is not clear on what ground these concerns stand, considering that all of Europe is giving weapons to Kyiv, but still - five months later - not a single country has entered the war.

The co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" also confirmed the party's desire to enter into a coalition with "We Continue the Change" for the upcoming elections.

"That is why we are proposing a coalition to the colleagues from 'We Continue the Change', because the conditions under which...

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