Romania Gives Moldova Million Pills Against Nuclear Radioactivity

Moldova has received a batch of over a million potassium iodide pills from Romania to help in the event of a nuclear accident, in the context of the fighting in Ukraine at the Zaporizhzhia atomic power plant.

The Russians have occupied the plant, and, according to Ukraine, have made more munitions stores inside it, which, in the event of a military incident, could trigger a nuclear catastrophe.

The National Agency for Public Health of Moldova is distributing the tablets to public health centres throughout the country under the direction of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of Moldova.

"There is currently no radiological danger. We urge the population to remain calm," the Health Ministry in Chisinau said.

The Romanian donation came after a discussion between the health ministers from Bucharest and Chisinau, Alexandru Rafila and Ala Nemerenco.

The risk of a nuclear accident at the Zaporizhzhia plant has led the Moldovan authorities to take preventive measures and inform the population about protective actions that citizens should know.

The General Directorate of Medical and Social Assistance of the municipality of Chisinau has issued several pieces of advice to the population.

Medical authorities recommend taking potassium iodide tablets to prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland. The pills should only be taken by those under the age of 40, in case of a nuclear accident, and within 24 hours of its occurrence.

"These pills are recommended only in a major nuclear accident. The pills have no preventive effect," the Ministry of Health warned.

The authorities have not yet announced which channels would be used to inform the population about a...

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