British Rightist Ex-Politician Farage Criticised for Attacks in Albanian Migrants

Statements made British rightist former politician Nigel Farage about Albanian illegal migrants to the UK have caused anger on social media, especially on Twitter, after a statement in which he said: "Now that one in ten foreign-born parents in the UK are Albanian, any guess as to the ratio in five years' time?" Albanian institutions have not commented on the statements of the former UKIP party leader.

Sidita Kushi an assistent professor in Massachusetts, retweeted: "Put in context of the whole UK population, this 'rise in Albanians' is negligible and bordering on sheer insignificance".

Farage's tweet cited the UK organization Migration Watch that referred to a Daily Mail article that said "Albanians are among the most common foreign-born parents in UK for the first time".

Farage is a frequent guest in the region, especially in Serbia.

In a video published three days ago, Farage also said Albanians trying to cross the English Channel in order to enter the UK were not "poor desperate people" as mainstream media like the BBC "is trying to portray them". "No, they are young men and many of them actually pretty aggressive," he said.

Farage, 58, led the right-wing UKIP party and later the Brexit party until 2021. he is currently a broadcaster. He played a key role in winning the Brexit referendum in 2016 which took the UK out of the EU.

Concern about the growth in illegal migration from Albania was put in the spotlight last week after media reports by the tabloid Daily Mail among others, quoting UK military intelligence documents, claimed four in 10 recent illegal migrants to Britain were from Albania.

The report said that of the 2,863 migrants transported into the country between June...

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