Hatay mosaics exported to more than 30 countries

The history of Hatay, which has hosted many civilizations and has been one of the centers of mosaic art, is a source of inspiration for artists, where works produced in the mosaic workshop in the southern city are exported to more than 30 countries upon demand.

Mustafa Karabay, who started the production of mosaic works with a team he founded in 2014, has opened to the world market. He said these mosaic works - used as home decorations, wall and floor coverings and paintings - are mostly preferred as ornaments for hotel lobbies and religious icons.

"We first started with a small workshop of 60 square meters, with five workers. We participated in the fairs with our products. Then we began to receive a lot of demands from the world market. We enlarged our workshop, and now we are making huge mosaic works in an area of 1,500 square meters," Karabay said.

Stating that they export the mosaics to various countries of the world, he said: "Our biggest market is America, followed by England, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, while we also send our works to Russia and Ukraine and to countries such as Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Many of them are on a project basis, and we also make on-site applications with our team."

Karabay stated that they also support the promotion of mosaic artifacts in the city. "We have had a monthly production of 200 square meters since 2014. This means we have produced 20,000 square meters of the mosaic so far. It is about 200 million pieces of stone. Almost 16,000 of 20,000 square meters of mosaics have been exported abroad."

Expressing that the art of mosaic requires meticulousness and creativity and that they work with a competent team for this, Karabay said, "We have more than 30...

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