Abramovich anchors superyachts worth $1.2 bln in Türkiye

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich - sanctioned by the U.K., European Union and Canada - has anchored two more superyachts in Turkish waters, bringing the total count to four.

According to Luxury Launches, a website publishing stories about the world's jet set, the 55-year-old tycoon brought 67-meter-long "Garcon" and 55-meter-long "Halo" to the Aegean coastal district of Göcek.

The former Chelsea owner's megayachts, "Eclipse" and "Solaris," have been floating in the Aegean Sea since the start of the sanctions.

The total price of the four yachts is estimated to be around $1.2 billion.

"The U.K. authorities desperately tried to seize Abramovich's vessels but failed," the Luxury Launches reported.

The website alleged that "Halo" and "Garcon" were anchored in Antigua and Barbuda, a sovereign island country located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

By April, the U.K. authorities found out that they belonged to the Russian oligarch. However, they faced resistance from the island country, as Antigua has no sanction laws and could not seize property unless the person commits a crime in Antigua.

With a surprise decision, Abramovich set sail two vessels on July 22 and headed firstly to Morocco, then to Türkiye, the site reported.

Delivered to Abramovich in 2018, "Halo" is featured at number 643 among the world's largest yachts. Known as "Abramovich's sailing party venue," the yacht offers an experience to 12 guests with its 13 staff.

The ship comprises six cabins, the main saloon decorated with art, candles, coffee table books, and a large TV screen for entertainment.
Luxury Launches names Garcon as "Abramovich's strapping luxury support vessel."

The well-equipped explorer can...

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