Bulgaria: Which Parties Registered for the Autumn Elections

High political ambitions were stated before the early elections. On the penultimate day of registration in the Central Election Committee, the parties submitted requests for a majority in the format of a triple coalition. Proposals for solving the crises in the country were also heard.

"We Continue the Change" is again registered with mandate holders VOLT and Central European Class, but with a goal. "Categorically with the ambition for first place just like last time", announced the former chairman of the National Assembly, Nikola Minchev.

A matter of tactics and a sociological survey are delaying the decision whether there will be a coalition with "Democratic Bulgaria" before the vote. "We will certainly work together with DB. Whether before the vote or after an electoral coalition - it's a matter of tactics, which option will bring us the most mandates", Minchev claims.

And "Democratic Bulgaria" are confident that unification against the "corruption status quo" is a viable option. "Let's finish what we started and ensure a stable governance of the country. Our desire for joined appearance with 'We Continue the Change' at this elections is clearly stated. The colleagues from WCC will make the first move. Bulgaria needs a great unification", urged former Justice Minister Nadezhda Yordanova.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) are also eyeing power and have declared solutions to the country's crises that they will propose if they participate in the next regular government. "Imposition of a moratorium on the price of electricity, gas and heating for domestic consumers. A serious business compensation program for the price difference. Third -...

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