COVID-19 cases likely to increase in September, says expert

With COVID-19 continuing to infect people, according to the weekly statistics of the Health Ministry, an expert has warned citizens of another possible increase in cases in September.

"I think the number of cases will increase in a few weeks; however, it's not expected to soar to a high number, as in the peaks we experienced in the previous period, because we have vaccines now," said professor Sema Turan, a member of the Coronavirus Science Board, which advises the government on the coronavirus.

The measures against the virus should not be neglected as the cases may rise in September, according to Turan, noting that the rate of increase in vaccinated people may not be like the one in the unvaccinated group.

"With the increase in cases, the Science Board members are in constant dialogue," said Turan, adding that the members are talking to one another and exchanging opinions, though the board has not held a meeting for a while.

The expert stated that they discuss about possible actions. "The idea that we all agree on is the importance of vaccination."

Turan also pointed out that as the number of cases rise, awareness of people increases, and thus more people get booster shots.

With COVID-19 numbers rising again, the Health Ministry opened up booster shot appointments in an effort to increase the number of vaccinations administered.

One of BioNTech, Sinovac or Turkovac vaccines can be chosen for the booster shot, which will be the sixth dose for those aged 65 and over and those in high-risk groups.

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