Greek state: Title deeds to 90,000 encroached upon properties

The bill is in the pipeline and is expected to be tabled in Parliament in September. Under the new bill, the government plans to give legal title deeds to about 90,000 State properties that have been encroached upon by private individuals in recent decades.

Based on the new regulation, they will be given the opportunity to legalize them by paying the corresponding price and the amount of the acquisition will be calculated based on the objective values ​​of the properties, which will be scaled according to the length of time of possession and the type of property.

Government plans foresee that some of these thousands of properties will be deeded to the encroachers at a corresponding price and the others will be returned to the Greek State for reasons of public interest.

Election year in Turkey and Greece is a "whipping boy" for all contestants

The purpose of the new bill is to provide a solution to a problem that has roots in 1929 and to date no law has been able to regulate. It concerns about 90,000 cases and 92% of public properties that have become residences, estates or even professional venues.

With the new arrangement, the squatters of these properties will be able to buy them, restoring their ownership status and at the same time boosting public revenues with remuneration and property transfer taxes. The ownership regime of the State's private property is thus settled and the State and the Judicial Authorities are freed from a significant number of pending bureaucratic procedures and trials.

Special committee

Each interested party will submit the necessary supporting documents so the relevant special committee that will be set up can examine the legitimacy of the properties claims, while the legal appeal of those who...

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