Kiril Petkov: We have done Terribly Good Things for the People, Ninova is a Great Partner

"This time we will have 121 deputies. People felt that in these 7 months we made a very good first step. Yes, the absolute change will take more than 7 months, but the first steps are a fact. A real change happened at Kapitan Andreevo and we stopped pesticides from entering the kitchen of Bulgarians. We directed BGN 2 billion to young families and pensioners, instead of going into the pockets of eight people. Social measures were also unprecedented, including that the price of electricity did not go up. I think people saw that the direction is right, the first step is good and now our next task is to finish our job."

This is what former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said to "24 Chasa". When asked if he was satisfied with the work with the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Petkov said the following: "Yes, we had a difference in ideologies about some things, but what they said they would do, they did. And we had a predictable partner. They didn't surprise us, they weren't behind the scenes. It's perfectly normal to have differences. But it is very important in a coalition that these differences are clear, that it is clear on the basis of what principles they are and that we can reach a consensus. And we did this more than once with the BSP. With 'There Is Such a People' it was the exact opposite - from the rhetoric 'we are your best allies' to 'the government will fall to you if you don't give us some of your positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications'. This type of surprises and behind-the-scenes meant that we no longer knew who we were talking to. I'm still not sure if TISP talked to the people who made the decisions. Certainly, Balabanov was not the person making the decisions, certainly neither was Toshko Yordanov. Slavi Trifonov...

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