42 Countries have given Permission for Bulgarians to Vote on their Territory

Bulgaria's diplomatic missions abroad have already requested permission or notified 128 countries with which our country has diplomatic relations and has an accredited ambassador. To date, out of 61 countries in which the Central Election Commission (CEC) has designated polling places, Bulgaria has received permission from 42. This became clear during a briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a decision of the CEC, 736 sections in 61 countries have been designated. "From countries with large Bulgarian communities, we are still waiting for permission from Italy, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and Norway," announced Kalin Anastasov.

On the website of the CEC there is now the possibility to submit an electronic application for voting. The deadline for this is September 6. In the event that a sufficient number of applications are collected under the Election Code, the geography of the seats would expand, as would the number of sections within them.

"We call on Bulgarian citizens abroad to actively register through the electronic form for voting applications. Their pre-registration gives the opportunity to be included in the electoral lists for voting, which would lead to the faster running of the electoral process and, most importantly, the opportunity for the maximum number of Bulgarian citizens to exercise their right to vote", stated Kalin Anastasov.

To date, over 2,500 applications have been submitted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is able to conduct elections in about 800 polling stations abroad. A request was made to the Council of Ministers and the CEC to print 710,000 ballots. The maximum number of sections with machine voting can reach 310, and...

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