On the day of the confidence vote in the Government, a helicopter lands on St Stefan

Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, is traveling to Montenegro, ahead of the vote of confidence in the government of Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovi, the media in Bosnia-Herzegovina report.
According to the portal Istraga.ba, in the official announcement of the event for Friday, August 19, there is no information about the activities of member of the BiH Presidency Dodik because he will not be working officially today. However, other documents in the possession of that portal reveal that Dodik will travel to Montenegro by helicopter on Friday around noon.
The destination is, as further stated, Budva and Saint Stefan. The return time proves that this is not a tourist visit. "The return from Budva-St Stefan to Trebinje is planned for the same day, at 4 p.m.," it was stated in the documents submitted to the Montenegrin police.
Dodik's visit to Montenegro will last only four hours. It was not specified with whom he will meet, and his visit was not announced to the media in Montenegro. Among the announced events for Friday, August 19, there is no significant event on St. Stefan's. The most important Montenegrin event today, however, is in Podgorica, where the assembly is debating the vote of confidence in the Government of Dritan Abazovi.
According to Montenegrin media, the outcome of that session is uncertain. The parties that signed the initiative to replace the Government of Dritan Abazovi have 36 MPs, while five more hands are needed for the replacement.
Abazovi's URA and SNP will not vote against the executive power in which their prime minister, vice presidents and ministers are. If the minorities, which are not signatories to the initiative, Forca and the Bosniak Party, vote for the fall of the government,...

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