Orbán's prediction: The West won't win

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn said that he does not believe in the military victory of the West in Ukraine, adding that the sanctions are already beginning to fall into disrepair.
In an interview with German media, he also said that the deadly conflict in Ukraine has the potential to demonstratively put an end to Western hegemony, globally. As he estimates, when the armed conflict in Ukraine ends, Europe will come out of it significantly weaker, in the political sense.
Orbn also claims that the West is incapable of winning militarily, nor economically because, as he says, the sanctions imposed on Moscow are meaningless because they have not achieved their goal - to weaken Putin and his regime. "And to make matters worse, it all came back to them like a boomerang," Orbn added.
He also points out that the fact that "a large part of the world did not side with the USA and the EU on the Ukraine issue is being forgotten, mentioning that China, India, Brazil, South Africa, the Arab world and Africa do not support Western policy on the Ukrainian conflict at all," reports Russia Today.

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