"Rubbish, full rubbish!"

That conference at which Schmidt became enraged caused a lot of reactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and the region, and Schmidt says today that everyone sometimes gets into such a situation.
"And you know, sometimes everyone gets into a situation where they have to be outspoken in order to be heard. My message stands. I must say that I am quite satisfied that I had so many reactions from ordinary people," said Schmidt in a major interview for the Sarajevo portal Klix.
Namely, Schmidt recently gave a lesson to politicians during his visit to Gorade, but he also spoke about the attacks and accusations to which he is personally exposed.
"I'm a patient person, but these insults are so stupid that I wonder what is going on, what am I doing, I'm just trying to deblock this country," said a visibly annoyed Schmidt in Gorade.
Among other things, while speaking about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Election Law and politicians, he yelled: "Rubbish, full rubbish!"

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