44 Countries Without Water by 2040, 2.8 Billion People will be Thirsty in 2025

By 2040, over 44 countries will face severe water scarcity. In general, the Mediterranean countries belong to the regions of the planet with the highest risk of drought and water scarcity. Today, Europe is already facing the longest period of drought in the last 500 years. This is according to an analysis by Prof. Dr. Yannis Maniatis and Ph.D. students on data at the Institute for Economic Research.

5605 liters of water for one kilogram of cheese

Water consumption in the agricultural sector is determined not only by irrigation losses but also by product processing. Cheese ranks first in terms of water needs at 5,605 liters per kilogram. Nuts, fish farming are next, and cow farms and rice production are also big consumers.

2.8 billion people will be thirsty in 2025.

More than 2.8 billion people in 48 countries around the world will face acute water scarcity by 2025. By mid-century, the number could reach 7 billion. Greece belongs to the countries with the largest footprint of water consumption - 2389 m3 per year, right after the United States of America.

Record surplus for Russia

Russia's surplus in the months of June and July 2022 continues to be extremely high (nearly $28 billion). In particular, it appears to be more than three times larger than the corresponding surplus for all previous years. The unrealistic increase in fuel prices essentially nullifies any reduction in imports into Europe.

Less green energy

Europe's energy paradoxes show a severe reduction in electricity production in the two most important sources of low-carbon emissions, hydropower (-20%) and nuclear power (-12%), compared to 2021. In Germany's energy mix in 2026, the...

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