Russians sent submarines to the Adriatic Sea; "If they only fire one missile..."

Just to recall, Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" announced that Russian warships tried to block the exit of the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" from the Adriatic Sea. They were allegedly at the height of Ancona, and Akrap points out that the Russian frigate "Admiral Grigorovic" was also at the height of Split, seen from the Croatian coast.
However, he said that the action should not be taken so seriously.
"This is the usual activity of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, regardless of whether they are air or naval forces, which are trying to come into contact with NATO forces in order to test the organization, effectiveness, mobility and system of command, control and leadership of the NATO alliance and countries, members of the NATO alliance in crises," said Akrap.
He added that we often see such cases in the Baltic region, that is, the North Sea, and Norway, and now we are also seeing it in the Adriatic. He also pointed out that the sea is very well protected - it is protected by Croatia, partly by Albania and Italy.
"There are also three large naval bases in that area that are used by the Italian armed forces, but also by the forces of the NATO alliance," Akrap said. Moreover, the Russians have already taken a naval air base in Syria and made it their base.
He added that in the latest Russian strategy, President Vladimir Putin wrote that the entire Mediterranean, not just the east, is the theater of their operations.
According to him, in addition to four ships, several submarines also entered the Adriatic Sea, but they were followed from beginning to end and immediately returned.
"There were no threats to the member countries of the NATO alliance, nor to the armed forces," Akrap said. On the other hand...

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