Ex-PM Borissov Accused Petkov and Vassilev of Sabotaging the Import of American Gas to Bulgaria

The leader of GERB and ex-Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, accused former PM Kiril Petkov and former deputy PM Asen Vassilev of deliberate actions and sabotaging the supplies of American liquefied gas in Bulgaria.

According to Borissov, Petkov's office did not sign the contract and did not reserve a delivery point for unloading the tankers.

"And they admit to themselves that they deliberately, when possible, did not sign contracts. And now they are writhing and wondering what to do - they create headquarters, go out, talk, we can't understand what, it turned out that the Greek connection is still not ready... And our work, which we have done, is concrete and clear - we reserved half a billion capacity in 2018. That is why we talked about the Balkan gas hub, that is why we cooled down with Greece because in these two years they withdrew everything from us. My colleague Mitsotakis spoke about the gas hub 'Greece'. We are now simple customers that everyone loads us as they see fit because Kirill and Asen put us in this position - to have no slots, no tankers and no contract with Gazprom"

Borissov stated that Bulgaria loses BGN 20 million per day from Gazprom and Lukoil, while the companies in question earn twice as much.

He recalled that in 2020 the price of gas left by GERB was BGN 37 million based on long-term contracts, and after the "Change" (referring to Petkov's Party "We Continue the Change") it is already close to BGN 300 per megawatt hour.

Boyko Borissov called on the caretaker government to immediately reserve slots for the gas supply.

The leader of GERB also turned to "Democratic Bulgaria" and expressed his satisfaction with their declaration, with which they declare categorically against...

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