Housing policy: What the Greek PM will announce at Thessaloniki

Interest-free loans, subsidies and state aid are expected to be included in the government's new housing policy program, which is to be announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the opening of the Thessaloniki International Fair - TIF.

The government's new housing policy will be implemented next year and will aim to support young couples using the €1.5 billion reserve of the Public Employment Service (formerly OAED).

Recently the Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis, emphasized that the government will attempt to "re-stimulate" the housing policy, as for many years, there was no substantial, central and coordinated housing policy.

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The new housing policy will focus mainly on young couples, as the cost of housing is high and this fact creates pressure and exacerbates the demographic issue as well.

A special working group has been established for this reason, with the aim of formulating specific proposals for the implementation of the provisions of the relevant law, while officials at the highest government level are dealing with this issue, and the prime minister himself will make the final announcements.

Rent subsidy and loans

Rent subsidy measures are the immediate priority, followed by lending for the acquisition of a residence. And this is because lending will require the drawing of large sums from the Public Employment Service reserves in the Bank of Greece, but also the involvement - at least in the case of interest rate subsidies - of the banks as well.

In the recent law tendered by the current Minister of Labor, the Public Employment Service is given the ability of acquiring unstructured and...

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