A German virologist raised his voice: Stop getting vaccinated every three months

In Germany, people over the age of 60 can be vaccinated against the coronavirus for the fourth time. However, Essen virologist Ulf Dittmer warns that too frequent vaccinations could alter the immune system and harm it.
Virologist Dittmer advises against getting vaccinated every three months to avoid mask or test requirements.
"If you repeat vaccinations so often, there may be changes in the immune system," warned the virologist in an interview with "Klnische Rundschau", reports Fenix magazine.
This was also shown by the first data. "I think it makes sense to get vaccinated for next winter, but not every three months," Dittmer said.
For further vaccinations against coronavirus, he recommended that patients wait until BioNTech and Moderna vaccines adapted to the omicron variant are available. "These are bivalent vaccines, they contain the old vaccine and the adapted variant and trigger a broad immune response to all previous variants. Therefore, I would wait until September or October for those vaccines to be on the market and then I would get vaccinated for the winter season", said the virologist.

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