Ana Brnabic prime minister designate for the new government until 2024

"The decision was complicated, complex both within the largest party in the country and with coalition partners. All three candidates will be important members of the government," Vui said.
"There will be many changes in the government, we have big tasks ahead of us. This is our agreement, Ana, Milo and Sinia are also here, there are no conflicts or problems between us. We have become friends during this time and we know what we are doing. We know how important it is. to preserve peace and stability," the president added.
"But it is important that she remains the prime minister so that we can continue solving problems," he stressed.
According to Vucic, Brnabic will not act as the prime minister for four years but for a shorter period of time. He also announced changes in the government in 2024.
"Ivica Dacic will have an even more significant role and function in the state apparatus of Serbia. It shows the trust I have when it comes to him. Dacic, in addition to his important ministerial position, will have the function of coordinator of the security services. Sinisa Mali, in whom we have confidence, will be one of the vice-presidents, the same as Milos Vucevic", stressed Vucic.
"This is our agreement, with us there are no fights and arguments, we have also become friends during this time, and we know very well what we are doing and how to preserve the stability of the state at this moment. I think that Milo will bring an additional dose of stability and responsibility, and prepare himself for important duties in some future period, as well as Sinia", he said.
Once again, he emphasized that he has great confidence in Ana Brnabi. "One of the MPs said that the problem is that we re-elect Ana because she is demonized. And that is...

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