The message to Washington: Be aware of it, the war ended with your defeat

On this day, August 31, 2021, US forces withdrew from Afghanistan, ending their 20-year presence in the country.
On that occasion, the Russian Embassy in the USA announced that the USA should understand that the war in Afghanistan ended with the defeat of America.
"We are convinced that Washington should admit that the war in Afghanistan ended with the defeat of the US. What's more, it brought nothing but problems and the collapse of all false Afghan hopes," the Russian embassy says.
It is also emphasized that the US military bombing has turned into a tragedy for ordinary Afghans.
"According to the available data, over 150.000 Afghans, including 48.000 civilians, have been killed, and additional 75.000 wounded. Hundreds of thousands of them have gone into exile. The economic achievements of the former Islamic republic, so much touted by their American partners, appear to be empty promises on paper because they dissipated the moment the foreign troops withdrew. Billions and billions of American taxpaying dollars were thrown down the drain," the Russian embassy said.
It is also reminded that, one year after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, there is a total humanitarian disaster, which threatens to be even more deadly than the one that happened during the 20 years of American presence in that country, reported Sputnik International.

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