Ruling party will not compete in presidential race

Ljubljana – The Freedom Movement has decided not to pick an alternative candidate after the ruling party’s vice-leader Marta Kos quit the presidential race. Party leader, Prime Minister Robert Golob announced on Wednesday that the party council would decide in a fortnight which of the other candidates to endorse.

The party’s executive committee on Wednesday discussed the way forward a day after Kos announced she was withdrawing her bid for the 23 October presidential election for personal reasons.

Addressing reporters after the session, Golob said they regretted but respected Kos’s decision. He reiterated it was her personal decision rather than him asking her to quit.

Kos informed him on Monday she was considering quitting. Asked whether he tried to persuade her not to, Golob said he was “not going to comment on personal reasons”.

The meeting agreed not to offer an alternative candidate. “Marta Kos was unanimously endorsed on the party council. We had her and believed in her, today we just don’t have anyone,” said Golob.

Public opinion polls suggested Kos would not stand a chance to make it to the run-off. As a result of her quitting, no ruling coalition party will have its own candidate in the race.

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