MFA: Bulgaria will Not Recognize Passports issued in the Occupied Zones in Ukraine

"The preparation of our country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is moving forward, and on August 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a meeting of the interdepartmental coordination mechanism for Bulgaria's accession to the OECD. This meeting was attended by both the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Velislava Petrova, and the Deputy Prime Minister for the Management of European Funds, Atanas Petkanov, who expressed his readiness for the official cabinet to work for the accession of our country to the organization. On August 30-31, an informal meeting of the EU foreign ministers was held in the 'Gymnich' format. It was attended by Deputy Minister Velislava Petrova, and the EU-Africa relations were discussed, the approach to the future relations between the EU and Russia, including various aspects of the subject of the visa policy of the EU towards Russia. As a result of the meeting, it became clear that the passports issued in the occupied territories will not be recognized".

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kostadin Kojabashev, at a briefing in the ministry.

Kojabashev announced that the Macedonian Patriotic Organization will be awarded a poster of St. St. Cyril and Methodius. A statement by President Radev will also be broadcast.

Currently, there are 7 applications for voting in Ukraine. The first group of diplomats to restore our embassy there will leave on September 11, and if there are sufficient declarations and safe conditions can be provided, a section will be opened. 29,000 applications for voting abroad have been submitted so far.

After the anti-Bulgarian statements of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama,...

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