Thanks to ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP, the Lives of the Galabovo People Improved in the Past Decade

There are no noisy tram cars and no neon signs in the town of Galabovo - 250 km off the capital city and 70 km off the regional center Stara Zagora and the border with Turkey. While we all pursue our happiness, in the small town there are additional challenges - the provision of quality education, medical services, modern conditions for active recreation and sports, safe playgrounds for the children... Challenges, however, can turn into opportunities - if you have a good neighbor.

The people of Galabovo, who this year celebrates the 53rd anniversary since the founding of the town, have known this for a long time. For more than 11 years now, the town, located in the heart of the Maritsa East energy complex in Central Bulgaria, has relied on the extended hand of one of the largest investors in the region - ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 to improve the living environment in the entire municipality. The company that manages the power plant of the same name invests more than BGN 500,000 every year in the improvement of the quality of life for its neighbors. The partnership between the local municipality and the power plant, which produces over 11% of Bulgaria's electricity, is emblematic for the small town. The decision where to spend the money is taken jointly with the representatives of the local community, and the company is in charge of organizing the implementation of the projects and the monitoring of the quality of execution.

With the funds provided by ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, the two kindergartens, the town's sports center, and the home for the elderly have been completely renovated. The local schools, and the town's hospital - the only active medical institution in the energy complex, are also the recipients of the company's generous support,...

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