AGNO products: When they will return to the Greek markets

What Dimitris and Michalis Sarantis know how to do well is to bring forgotten companies back to the forefront. It happened with Olympus. It happened with Rodopi. Will it happen with AGNO?

We will soon find out, as the Thessalian Hellenic Dairies group of the Sarantis brothers is soon to reintroduce the AGNO products to the Greek market.

The relaunch of some - but just a few -  AGNO products has already started, according to More specifically, shortly after Christmas this year or in early 2023, 10 AGNO trademarks (milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.) will be found again in supermarket fridges. However, at the beginning, the products will not be distributed all over Greece, but mainly to Central Macedonia.

Fin. Min.: Additional fiscal space for the new support measures

If the products manage to "pick up" market share in Thessaloniki and Macedonia in general and, if they are then in demand in Southern Greece, as well, distribution will be expanded. It should be noted that in total there are about 15 AGNO trademarks that have been transferred to the group.

The products will be produced at the Olympos factory in Larissa and at the Tiras factory in Trikala.

What about ice cream?

In addition to milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter, AGNO also produced ice cream, a product that once had a significant market share.

The expansion of its market to ice cream products, a category in which the Hellenic Dairy Group had no presence - until today - is, however, a great possibility.

It is recalled that Sarantis brothers' group expanded its market share to AGNO a few months ago, "closing" the cycle of barren auctions for the historic dairy, for which, it should be noted, TYRAS had already expressed interest in 2003, when the cooperative...

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