Vučić hosted Pahor: "Link between energy situation and other problems crucial" VIDEO

"What I would say is that the key question, the question of all questions, is the connection between the energy situation and the problems that may arise in the region. Accordingly, we discussed how and with what readiness the country welcomes the upcoming winter, what we can do to help each other".
He pointed out that this year we will exceed 2 billion euros in trade and that our bilateral relations are good.
"We discussed all important regional issues. Of course, we have different views on the status issue of Kosovo and Metohija, but we always look at how to further encourage the European perspective, but also to ensure lasting peace," concluded President Vui.
He also emphasized that it is necessary to talk to the people regarding the energy situation. "We will have many problems. Anything that can reduce the price of energy is a solution for us. If we have to pay 25-30 million euros a day, it is pointless. We have to talk to the people about what to do. We will deal with that next week," said Vucic. In the end, President Vui invited Pahor to visit the Wine Fair in Belgrade.
He also commented on the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as the pressure on Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia.

Address of Pahor

After Vui, Pahor also addressed the media. He also emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Western Balkans.
He assessed that there is a possibility for all the leaders of the region to agree on three central issues.
"The first is for Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania to speed up negotiations for joining the EU, for Bosnia and Herzegovina to receive candidate status by the end of the year, and for the EU to fulfill its obligation on visa liberalization," he said. ...

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