Erdoğan due to embark for three-day Balkan trip

President Erdoğan will embark on a three-day Balkan trip on Sept. 6 which includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. The agenda of the visits will be bilateral relations, regional peace and stability, and steps towards increasing the trade volume.

His first stop will be Bosnia and Herzegovina. Erdoğan is expected to meet with three members of the Presidential Council in the country.

He is expected to underline that Türkiye will continue to make every possible contribution to the continuation of peace in the Balkans.

Another important agenda item of President Erdoğan's Balkan trip will be economic ties. Steps to be taken to improve relations with the countries of the region will be evaluated during his meetings.

There will be bilateral and inter-delegation meetings and bilateral agreements will be signed.

A large delegation of businesspeople will accompany the president during his visit to three countries as they attend business council meetings. Steps to be taken to increase mutual investments and trade volume will be discussed as part of the talks.

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