Türkiye rejects Arab League’s ‘unfounded allegations’

Türkiye rejected the Arab League's "unfounded allegations" against Ankara that were stated in the resolutions and the communique adopted at the Council of Foreign Ministers meeting of the Arab League held on Sept. 6.

The 158th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League has become "a stage, once again, to resolutions and a communique containing unfounded allegations on Türkiye," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"We totally reject these resolutions and the communique," it added.

These resolutions, which were adopted under the "influence of narrow-minded and short-term individual interests," deprived the Arab League of the opportunity to make a "concrete, constructive and sustainable" contribution to the solution of the regional problems, said the ministry.

"No matter what the biased approaches of some parties are, Türkiye will continue to fight terrorist threats towards its national security and interests in accordance with the principles and norms of international law," said Ankara.

Türkiye's fight against "separatist terrorism" is also critical in terms of safeguarding the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political unity of the countries in the region, it stated.

"On this occasion, Türkiye reiterates once again that it stands ready to work with all Arab League member states, which embrace the establishment of stability and prosperity in the region as a common goal," the ministry emphasized.

"Turkish interference is a grave violation of international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, a blatant infringement on the sovereignty of Arab countries, and a serious threat to Arab national security," the Arab Ministerial Committee said in a statement on Sept. 6.


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